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1-800-Pet-Vets - Unleash The Lead Potential For Your Business

When it comes to lead generation programs, 1-800-Pet-Vets is a breed above the rest. Membership in our program gives you the advantage of exclusive vanity number ownership. We do not source our veterinary leads out to several other offices and clinics. The number is YOURS and yours alone. When you become a member of 1-800-Pet-Vets, you have complete exclusivity to ALL of the leads generated. Furthermore, you also have complete exclusivity from every lead generated by the www.1800petvets.com website from the counties you have chosen.

  • You are the exclusive contact in your selected area.
  • Potential clients who call into the area looking for a veterinarian are yours alone.
  • All leads generated by the website in your area is solely yours.

When leads are exclusively yours, the opportunity for direct conversion increases by tenfold. With each call that comes in, you have a personal opportunity to convert the caller into a client. People looking for a veterinarian are seeking a trustworthy service and responsiveness is key. 1-800-Pet-Vets can make the difference – you're never soliciting a caller, you are converting an already interested prospect into client.

Don't Bark Up The Wrong Tree

You have relationships with your clients and the local community. You know the exact areas and counties that you want to target for more clients. Whether you start with one county, three counties or an entire region, 1-800-Pet-Vets puts you in front of the people you want to reach.  You can select the exact county or counties you want with confidence that leads generated are exclusive to only your veterinary business.

The 1-800-Pet-Vets marketing program is targeted to the areas you choose to service. Whether you service a highly-populated city or miles of rural expanse, you only pay for the counties YOU choose to own.  You alone control every lead coming in from those areas without competing with other veterinarians for the leads.  Once you lease a county or counties, all other competitors in the area are restricted from using 1-800-Pet-Vets. 

Best In Show

Want your veterinary business to get noticed?  Want to be remembered? Research has proven that consumers are 75% more likely to remember an easy vanity number over a standard number.  Every time you use the 1-800-Pet-Vets number, you are reinforcing your business to the market.  Use the memorable number in any kind of advertising - on your business cards, your website, calendars, pens and other areas of exposure.  The more it shows up, the more your business is reinforced. Clients, new and old, are going to remember it and this gives you an advantage in many ways whether they are recommending you to a friend or calling to find a a new veterinarian.

  • 1-800-Pet-Vets is a cost-effective way to increase your marketing exposure and a highly effective way of reinforcing consumer consciousness. This results in more leads and profits.
  • 1-800-Pet-Vets is a highly memorable number that can easily be incorporated into any marketing strategy. Other traditional numbers get lost in the sea of contacts. 1-800-Pet-Vets makes it convenient for clients and prospective clients to contact you without having to search for your number.


How it Works

No Lead Fees!

No Toll-Free Minute Fees!

You Own the 1-800-Pet-Vets Number!

Use it in your Current Marketing! 


Customers call 1-800-Pet-Vets, which rings to your office.


Customers complete a simple form, and it's emailed to your office.


Click-To-Call Keeps Mobile Prospects From Straying

Nearly everyone these days has a smartphone and if your veterinary business lacks click-to-call convenience then you may be missing out on the growing number of consumers who utilize their phones to shop and search.  The growth of mobile website technology draws 40% or more of local “searchers" and utilizing smartphone technology is a must in today's market.  1-800-Pet-Vets gives you the upper hand with smart phone users.  If they are searching for a veterinarian with their phone, 1-800-Pet-Vets puts call convenience right at their fingertips.  When a prospective client pulls up the mobile site, they simply touch the “CALL NOW” tab to be instantaneously connected to you.

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Mobile Click-To-Call

As smartphone searches overtake desktop queries, 1-800-Pet-Vets will help your business capitalize on Mobile Search using our "click-to-call" software. Once at the 1-800-Pet-Vets mobile site, the customer doesn’t even need to dial the 1-800-Pet-Vets number, they simply touch the “CALL NOW” tab to be connected to you. Click-to-call puts your business right at your prospects fingertips giving you a competitive edge. If your not using mobile website technology on your current business website your missing out on 40% or more of local “ search" customers. Joining 1-800-Pet-Vets gives you immediate access to these customers upon the activation of your counties.

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